Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in woodparents,

Woodbabies and Drabbits?

Please forgive a Woodbabyless n00b, but I've just got some questions. ^_^

I visited a Ren Faire this weekend and fell in love with a beautiful hand-sculpted and made shoulder Gryphon puppet (not a Woodbaby.) I plan to return to the faire again this weekend, however after posting to my personal journal about the faire, a friend commented to point me in the direction of the Woodbabies.

Since then, I've visited the website to look at the various creatures available. (Some of the links appear to be broken, though.)

The site the Gryphon I was eying came from here:

I was really impressed with their work, and the passion that goes into creating their Drabbits.

I'll say that Drabbits are more expensive than Woodbabies. I don't mind spending good money on something like this, since I view it as a novelty, yes, but also a gorgeous work of art that someone put their heart into.

I know what the capabilities of Drabbits are, but I've never seen a Woodbaby in person before.

I'll probably still get my Gryphon from the Imaginarium on Saturday, but I may purchase a Woodbaby in the future (I've got my eyes on the dragons, cats and perhaps a custom fox.)

According to the time-frames for both sites/companies, I believe the Imaginarium has been making shoulder puppets a bit longer, thus having the original idea - this isn't at all to say that they are superior in any way to Woodbabies, but before I buy anything I just like to know the history behind it and the artists, if it is for custom/art related work. - Edit: I stand corrected!

Do any of you happen to own Drabbits in addition to Woodbabies? I'm just looking for some comparisons between the two, since I've never seen a Woodbaby in person before.

Also, what functions can the larger Woodbabies do? Is there a dual or single cable system for the larger ones?

Any opinions, information or feedback will be appreciated. ^_^
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