Heimdall (vorpalmuse) wrote in woodparents,

small bird woodbaby?

I'm thinking about getting another baby for my collection! I haven't gotten a new one in about 5 years! I currently have three dragons: Phantom, Spook, and Specter. They're all black/grey/silvery. I want something a little different, but I'm also interested in having something modeled after a real creature. I don't want another shoulder-draper, so I was looking into the ones that sit upright. That's about when I fell in love with the birds! :P I've always loved the look of the phoenixes, but I'm not sure I can afford the $265 pricetag right now! Then I saw that they made a smaller bird... not the handheld size, but a small parrot for around $100. I was wondering if anyone had any pics of that model, since I really wanna know what they look like on your shoulder.

It would be really fun to have a pair of ravens named Huginn and Muninn! (Or at least one of the pair!) But I don't want yet another all-black baby, since I have so much of that going on already. I think if I got a bird it would be a bird of prey: maybe a red-tailed hawk or a ferruginous hawk! Or even a kestrel.

Let me see your birds! I need inspiration. How well do they stay on your shoulder?
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