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Range of head motion?

I got a red hatchling gryphon this weekend, and I'm curious about whether his range of motion is quite right. His head has fantastic, smooth up-and-down motion, but it takes a lot of twisting effort to get any left-right movements. Even twisting the cap 360° only get just a bit of a head turn, and it just wants to turn left, not right. I didn't play with other hatchling gryphons, only other models, but I suspect this isn't the full range of motion I should be expecting?

Thoughts? I'm having trouble getting the sort of birdlike natural movement that I was hoping for due to this limited movement. I'll be back at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in a couple of weeks before it ends, so I figure I could talk to the MSKD folks then, but I thought I'd check with LJ to see what you guys think!
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