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WHAAA HOO IM BACK! [10 Apr 2011|12:51pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I posted about a year ago i believe about wanting to get a new dragon BUT i didn't have the money. Now i do and my birthday is coming up this tuesday on the 12th. Turning 18! I am posting some pic of what he should look like and i wouldn't mind if i got some feed back.I won't be online very often so it would be great if you could e-mail to me at luvindepp@gmail.com THNX! Also i am adding some lineart for woodbaby baby dragons that you are all free to use to make picture of your current babies or if you need a visual reference to decide on your next addition to you woodfamily. ENJOY!

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Inspiration [31 Mar 2011|11:05am]

Just wanting to know what folks use for inspiration for names. For me its like the woodbaby will tell you what their name is once you first handle them. I use places, gemstones, and  latin meanings of words for the names of my woodbaby family. Just curious to see what everyone else is inspired by, to name a new woodbaby friend.

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Thessur's Birthday [21 Mar 2011|06:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello my friend...long time no talk...hoping you are having a wonderous birthday!!! :)

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Brand new to LJ and to this group. Thought I'd introduce my friend. [12 Mar 2011|04:59am]
[ mood | mellow ]

I found out about Woodbabies via a video I found starring one Samuel Conway AKA Uncle Kage, a storyteller of sorts in the furry fandom, who demonstrated a lovely shoulder-sitting gryphon. This would have been in 1999, on a sort of early web TV program called the Funday Pawpet Show, which normally involves puppets. The motion was realistic, and showed well on camera. He named his gryphon "Real", the intent being that the common question of 'Is it real?' could be answered with "Yes, it's Real!". Kage claimed that it was, he found, easy to accept one of these as a pet or a friend rather than a puppet. I knew what I wanted to buy for Christmas, found the web site, and went over the options. I wanted a dragon, and at first I chose a red body, but red was out of stock so I went with brown; what a wise decision that turned out to be.

My friend had a brown body, black secondary, black fur and wings, and plain blue eyes. His control cable sheath was bright yellow. My shoulders droop and I couldn't keep him on; not thinking of a 'saddle', I attached him to the shoulder of my trenchcoat with a loop of thick wire. I cut a small hole in the back of the coat, passed his cable in and down my sleeve, and I could tuck it up into my sleeve when he was 'sleeping'. Since he was a Christmas gift, he became "December", and I've never doubted that that's his proper name. I had no local, easy-to-get-to Ren Faires near Seattle, and I wasn't much of a Renaissance type anyway, so December went everywhere. In the first few years he saw NorwesCon (a large sci-fi/fantasy con), the San Diego Comic Con, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and countless nightclubs and raves. He was always a huge hit, and I would run out of MKD business cards quickly.

In, oh, 2002 or 2003, December's eyes had slowly turned neon pink from sun exposure. His pen cap fell apart once or twice and I repaired it. Then one of his wings came off (ouch) so I sent him back for the fluff'n'buff. He came back with beautiful new leather wings, and fiber-optic blue eyes, as well as a new pen cap and a new brown cable sheath. This time, I put him on a leather jacket, with the same set-up, except that I wrapped more of his sheath with black fir, then made a free-hanging 'tail', so that his tail seemed to hang further down my back than where the cable entered my coat.

I came to prefer the pen cap, since like Kage I use both hands to operate the control; Kage said, "I'm very nervous, I fidget with my pen. Makes for an easy misdirection". Also like Kage, I wasn't taking him to Faires where fantasy reigns; from the moment I saw him in his dark colors, I decided he'd be passed off as a living creature, and I found some people believed it. I always told them the truth in the end. (As Kage said, "I don't want them to be laughed at when they return home and say, 'I saw a live gryphon today!'") Kids usually figured him out easily but loved him anyway; adults were always the ones I could convince. Like Kage's spiel based on the bird-of-prey lecturers at zoos, I developed a little spiel about his official species and where in the world he was from, which I'd pull out when I thought I had someone potentially convinced. I started putting my full name and his on the back of all the cards I gave out. In 05 or 06, I sent him back for another fluff'n'buff, as he'd developed a case of head-flop. I guess the marked cards helped; he was sent back with a huge pack of cards and a chrome-plated business card holder with a little flip cover, a really sweet gesture. This only holds nine cards, so I keep the rest in my other pocket and refill it as it runs low. This time, I had his teeth painted white.

December's paint began to wear on his horns and front feet, showing white. As well, the white teeth didn't look as good as I had thought, and seemed to detract slightly from the possibly-alive look I was after. So I sent December back for another fluff'n'buff late last year. His eyes and wings have lasted well, and he came with a new pen-cap. As with all the pen cap controls, I glue foam-rubber pencil grips around the cap and around the sheath just below it, giving moth hands more grip. It comes down my left sleeve, usually; my right hand controls up/down and turns, while left hand holds the cap between twists so it doesn't spring back. Whether I give him smooth motion or jerky birdlike motion depends on what sort of crowd I'm in; I find that, for me at least, the former is good for up-close interaction, while the latter works in sparsely-populated places where he needs to be spotted at a distance. I had him fitted with a manetic saddle, but it doesn't hold as well as I'd hoped, again because my shoulders droop steeply - I'll likely put him back on my leather coat again, he seems comfortable there.

Having had him for eleven years, there's one thing I haven't done yet: decorate him. Some friends have Woodbabies they've decorated. I want to put a ring on one of his horns and maybe give him a simple necklace or collar. Either way, I'm a one-Woodbaby parent, and planning to stay that way; while I love seeing and meeting others, none can sway me personally like December. He really does seem to have a personality of a sort, and he'll continue to appear at NorwesCon, furry cons, and vacation spots like Las Vegas. I'll try to have a photo soon, probably once I get him decorated a bit. His home base is the general Seattle area, and local friends Asha and Silver have their own lovely friends. Asha may be here on Woodparents somewhere, probably as 'Asha Art Dragon'.

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Woodbaby Unicorn Buy It Now Ebay [12 Mar 2011|07:14am]

Here is an Ebay listing for a woodbaby baby unicorn, ad states this one is 11inches long. Looks to be in great shape with white and burgundy fur and has gold glittery hooves and horn. A lovely one at a great price $35 for this one plus shipping cost. Good luck if interested

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Woodbaby for pick up come get him [03 Mar 2011|04:45pm]


Well if anyone is in their area and would like to pick up a woodbaby here is a good excuse for a vacation. A baby dragon colors coppery wings, claws, and hornsw with green and black fur black body. Great for the guy in your life, looks like a boy dragon. The seller stresses calling and payment on pick up here is the link to the add from michigan.
Good Luck
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woodbaby needs adoption [03 Mar 2011|04:01pm]


Here is an older style Jhari Cat, ad claims its 12inches long and the price is $50. Not dealt with seller at all but looks like this kitty needs someone to love.  Good luck

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Baby Unicorn on Craigslist [02 Mar 2011|04:07pm]

Here is a magical woodbaby baby unicorn one who is needing a home, located in Maryland. Not sure about the seller  but the price is right $20
Good luck
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Confucius Teaser Picture [27 Feb 2011|02:12pm]

Here's a quick teaser picture of Confucius's eyes: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e252/dream_finder/My%20Woodbabies/100E0835.jpg

It was getting dark last night after I got home so many of the pictures I took were fuzzy. I'm taking more pictures of him today.
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Jhari Cat on ebay [27 Jan 2011|07:19pm]


price is down on this one.....
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[24 Jan 2011|04:45pm]

 Master Bob says Quora is on the painting table today!
I cracked and had to email him yesterday ^^;
She'll be shipped around February 2nd.
Anyone know how long it takes to ship to Atlanta? I'm really excited (but you knew that)!
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Faire Season [22 Jan 2011|04:18pm]

Hoggetowne is coming to G-Ville Jan 29-30 and Feb 5-6 :D

I will not be able to make it this year, so I want to wish fun and fair weather to all who attend.
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Fox Colored Dragon Woodbaby on Ebay [22 Jan 2011|03:06pm]

I found this gorgeous large custom dragon woodbaby on ebay.
It has real fox fur and it looks like it was handmade out of sculpty clay. The price is a bit steep at $250, but it is simply beautiful looking.
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Verde Azure [13 Jan 2011|01:37pm]

I received Verde azure last weekend and have a few pics of him on the woodbaby facebook page and just got around to get  some good sunlight pictures now that is decided not to snow like yesterday. Very awesome green crystal dragon and love his color combination and the way he just glows in about every photo I take of him. Very pleased with him and would definitely get a crystal when I can get one.
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BARF Starts Soon! [08 Jan 2011|10:44pm]

Yay! BARF starts next month! I can't wait to go. :)
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Back From RL [08 Jan 2011|07:11pm]

RL finally let up enough for me to have free time.

I'd like to give a big 'Hello!' to both old and new friends. It's been such a long time that I have pages of posts to catch up on. (So many new Parents and Babies to see! :D)

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I've been attending UF (The University of Florida) since the Fall of 09, so I'm away from my Babies for most of the year. :(

But I come bearing new pics of them from before we moved to our new house during the summer of 10 (I should really get another set of pics at the new house...)

Pics!Collapse )

That's all I have for now!

I hope to be more active this year.
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*cry* Why no more Crystals?! [07 Jan 2011|09:18pm]

I thought they were such a cool idea, and my dreamie is a crystal! I guess now I'll never get her though... *sniffle* Stupid surgeries preventing me from having money. >.<

Anyone know why Master Bob decided to discontinue them though? Whenever I go to the booth, those are always the first ones gone. At least, for the Bristol faire they are.

At least I have my small crystal Callamoore. Still, it's sad that I won't ever be able to get my dreamie...ah well.
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Baby Unicorn Woodbaby on Ebay [07 Jan 2011|12:13pm]

Well l I found another one for us to enjoy or someone would love to adopt. On Ebay there is a baby unicorn woodbaby. She is green with brown eyes and striped tan and brown fur, has the usual bobbin end to the control cable. It looks like and older style woodbaby to me, but still precious.

Its got one bid on it but is is up for bid for six more days on Ebay. Best of Luck for those interested.
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Selling my Purple Woodbaby Dragon Bossom Buddy :( [06 Jan 2011|05:51pm]

Well, I'm extremely sad about having to do this but: I'm selling my Purple Woodbaby Dragon Bossom Buddy, Dream. :(
He just isn't getting played with enough. He works like a charm still, doesn't have any chips or scratches from what I can tell, and is really a cute little guy.
I'm asking $50 for him ($35 for the dragon, and $25 for Priority Mail shipping + Handling); make me an offer?

If you are interested in this little guy, please email me at dwk4@peoplepc.com

Links to photos since I don't wanna blow peoples internet up xD





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Guess What? [03 Jan 2011|09:12pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Master Bob and and hi workers (I guess that's what I should call them, LOL) are back to work today, so Quora will have hopefully have started (hooray!). Now... just 6-8 weeks more to wait... ;) Well, it'll be worth the wait. I just hope she'll be done by mother's day (I know it will be, though) for the Georgia Renaissance Festival. I can't wait!

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